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Sayville Ferry Service to Fire Island - Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines, Sunken Forest, Water Island

Fire Island Ferry - Sayvilly, New York The Sayville Ferry Service operates from April to November and provides service to Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove. You can find the ferry office at 41 River Road, Sayville, New York. Vehicles are not allowed on the ferries and the crossings take between 20 and 30 minutes each way.

Keep in mind that schedules may change at any time and departure times differ depending on the day of the week. As a result make sure you are aware of the departure time for the day you are leaving so you don't miss your ferry. If you do miss it however there is always another you can catch if you wait a little while.

Remember that when you are traveling to Fire Island aboard a ferry that it is not just a mode of transportation to get you to your final destination but rather part of the vacation itself. Take the time to enjoy the view with the wind in your hair and the ocean mist in the air. Your short ride to Fire Island will help you prepare for an unbelievable vacation and your ride home will help you wind down and prepare for every day life once again. Remember, too, that when you pay your fare for your crossing that you won't need to spend any more money on transportation because you are leaving your car behind. That should be a relief in itself and will prepare you for a great time on Fire Island that is laid back and just enjoyable.

Sunken Forest Ferry Service provides ferry service from Sayville, New York, to Fire Island National Seashore, Sailor's Haven, and Sunken Forest. Crossings are available May to October and the crossing takes about thirty minutes each way. No vehicles are allowed so leave the stress of daily transportation behind when you hop on a ferry to Fire Island!

When you take the Sunken Forest Ferry Service to the Fire Island National Seashore or to Sailors Haven and Sunken Forest you will find that the hectic world is left behind you and all that lies ahead are white sandy beaches, lapping waves, and a bohemian lifestyle you didn't realize still existed. You can choose to rent a house on Fire Island or else you might want to camp out. Either way is a lot of fun and believe it or not both are affordable.

Make sure you check out the Sunken Forest at Sailor's Haven, which is one of the very few maritime forests left on the east coast. The never-ending salt spray has twisted the trees and their roots into an amazing array of branches that is definitely worth taking a look at. The reason the maritime forest is called "Sunken Forest" is because it looks lower than all of the water that surrounds it, hence its name. The forest isn't actually lower than the water level but it appears that way because of all the sand dunes that tower over it. You can take a guided tour during the summer months or else you can guide yourself. You will enjoy taking a break from the hot sun and seeing a little bit of nature and wildlife.

You can really go back in history exploring the Sunken Forest because it is believed to have trees that are over 200 years old. There are more than 40 acres worth of shadblow, holly, and sassafras to enjoy not to mention the all around beauty of being immersed in a forest while you smell the salty air.

The Sunken Forest may be reached by taking a ferry to Sailor's Haven. Once you arrive in Sailor's Haven you just follow the signs until you reach the forest and it's really not that far. If you want to really learn a lot then you should definitely take a guided tour, but if you are more interested in exploring on your own then you should do that.

The Sunken Forest Ferry Service offers a ferry service to Sailor's Haven, which will take you right to the forest. Adults can get to the Sunken Forest with a one way ticket for an amazing day of adventure and fun on Fire Island and it is really worth the small amount of money.
Sayville Ferry Service
41 River Road
Sayville, NY 11782
- Available April to November
- No vehicles
- twenty to Thirty minutes each way

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Sayville, New York to Fire Island including Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines, Sunken Forest, and Water Island.

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