Davis Park Ferry

Patchogue to Davis Park, Watch Hill, and Fire Island Seashore

Head to Davis Park, Watch Hill, or Fire Island from Patchogue Long Island on the Davis Park ferries and really enjoy the view! There are no cars allowed on Fire Island so if you plan on visiting you must take one of the Fire Island Ferries. The crossing takes about 18 minutes each way and the service is available from March to September. Check out a little more information on Davis Park, Watch Hill, and Fire Island in general to determine where you want to take the ferry first!

Davis Park has beautiful beaches and it is very laid back with mostly older residents. Families can rent beach houses at Davis Park for affordable prices and enjoy a vacation of sun and sand. The Town of Brookhaven operates Davis Park and its marina. The park is right next to Leja Beach and Ocean Ridge, which most everyone calls Davis Park collectively.

Here you will also find a snack bar and grocery store that have been recently renovated, public restrooms and cold showers. The beaches have miles of white sand that are right on the Atlantic Ocean and professional lifeguards working the entire season to keep people safe. Here you may really get in touch with nature if you see the common sight of deer walking along the boardwalk! You will especially love that there are no cars on Fire Island when you are at Davis Park. It will be less stressful, quieter, and a lot safer. It takes about an hour and a half to arrive from Manhattan, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Watch Hill is located right in the middle of Fire Island and it is a great place to visit. It is run by the Fire Island National Seashore and is the best place to go camping or check out nature on tours or country trails. There is a large boat marina, campground, and a small shop and restaurant at Watch Hill.

Fire Island has history dating back to 1653 when Whalehouse Point, a whaling station, was constructed by Isaac Stratford. The next big change was several hundred years later in 1825 when a lighthouse was built by the Federal Government on the island's western tip. Today the lighthouse is as national landmark and museum. It still remains one of the first memories of America for many European immigrants arriving in New York Harbor.

Later in the mid 1900s real estate was booming and the rich and famous were responsible for making Fire Island a retreat from the daily stress in the city. Today Fire Island is still popular with the rich and famous, but there are a lot of every day people who have houses here as well. It's still a laid back place to visit and it's very casual.
Davis Park Ferry Co. Inc.
PO Box 998
Patchogue, NY 11772 631-475-1665
- No vehicles
- Trip takes 18 minutes each way
- Available March to September
Ferry Services from Patchogue to Fire Island including Davis Park and Watch Hill

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