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Orient Point to New London, CT - Cross Sound Ferry Service

The Cross Sound Ferry Services, Inc, is ready to take you to Orient Point in Long Island from New London, Connecticut, or vice versa! No matter which destination you have the Cross Sound Ferry Service will be able to get you there. This service is located at 2 Ferry Street, New London, Connecticut and their phone number is 860-443-5281.

No matter whether you drive a truck or car or just want to go on foot you can do so with this ferry service. The auto ferry takes about one hour and a half to reach each destination and the service is available all year long. Those going on foot can take the Sea Jet and make the trip in half the time or in around 40 minutes. You will save so many miles and a whole lot of frustration by choosing this ferry service because taking a ferry from Orient Point, Long Island, New York to New London, Connecticut, is a much more straight shot and not only will you save time but you will also save a lot of headaches!

You will really be impressed with the offerings from Cross Sound Ferry Services. There are passenger cabins that are roomy and comfortable for travelers as well as satellite television to keep you entertained and informed during your ferry ride. If you get hungry or thirsty then you can take advantage of the food and beverage facilities located right on board! No matter whether you are on vacation, business, pleasure, or anything in between your ferry ride will be a wonderful and pleasurable experience in between your point of origin and final destination.

The easiest way to make reservations is to simply check out the ferry's website and make a reservation online. You can choose from a drop down menu whether you will be driving a truck, car, van, or SUV. You will also need to choose your departure date and time and answer any other questions that are important to your reservation. In the event you will be traveling with a vehicle over 20 feet long, a dual wheel vehicle, or a vehicle with a trailer you will need to call the reservation desk to have your request handled in person. The schedule is posted on the website as well so you can check out the departure dates and times, the scheduled vessel, and its status so you know ahead of time what's available. The ferry rates available for autos, vans, motorcycles, bicycles and pickups vary and their is a new fuel surcharge in affect. Adults can buy same day round trip tickets as well as one way kid's tickets (under 12 years of age). The ferry rates for trailers, motor homes, campers and trailers, buses, tractor trailers, and other similar vehicles can be found by either calling or visiting the official LongIslandFerry.com website.

The Sea Jet will accomidate adults and children via one way and same day round trip fares. There are also commuter bookings available that allows travelers to save a percentage on their fare.

Orient Point, LI to New London, CT
Cross Sound Ferry Services, Inc.
41720 Main Rd (Route 25)
Orient, NY 11957
- Cars, passengers and trucks
- 1-1/2 hour trip each way
- Available year round

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Video of Orient Point Ferry coming from New London, CT

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