Long Island Traffic

Other than its alternating beautiful white sand beaches, rocky shores and sea cliffs, Long Island is perhaps best known the world over for its rush hour traffic. It seems millions of cars travel on Long Island daily, storming our major roads and highways, only to repeat the mass migration again at the end of the day. Long Island has several major highways connecting Montauk and Orient to New York City, connecting Fire Island to the beautiful North Shore.

Greater than 50 MPH
Less than 25 MPH
25 to 50 MPH
Data not Available

In order to stay afloat in Long Island’s constricted network of high-traffic roads, commuters need to stay informed on local traffic patterns, closures and detours, road work, construction and accidents. Don't head out onto Long Island roads without checking local traffic reports first for delays. Get updates on events that might out a stop to your evening commute at LongIsland.com's News page.

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